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Жанр: Ballads, Heavy, Sympho, Glam, Prog, Power Metal
Год выхода: 2014
Количество треков: 99
Формат|Качество: mp3 | 224 kbps
Время звучания: 07:20:00
Размер файла: 702,11 Мб

001-Virgin Steele-Invitation
002-Edenbridge-For Your Eyes Only
003-Almah-Warm Wind
004-Beautiful Sin-Closer To My Heart
005-Concept-Death Of Reason
006-Danger Danger-One Step To Paradize
007-JR Blackmore-Recall the Past
008-Mago De Oz-Quiero Morirme en Ti
010-Triumph-Lay it on the Line
011-Emergency-Nights Are so long
012-Farraday-There for You
013-Gun-How Many Roads
014-Headstone Epitaph-Time
016-Lancia-Still In Love
017-Absolva-State of Grace
018-Mike Dimareli Artical-Winter Night
019-Noctura-Gone Away
020-Orden Ogan-To New Shores Of Sadness (Orchestral Vers)
021-Pellek-Don't Belong
022-Reverence-After The Leaves Have Fallen
023-Scheepers-Before The Dawn
024-Tesla-Love Song
025-Vanir-Sons of the North
026-Andre Matos-Gaza
027-Bad English-When I See You Smile
028-Caprice-We might Dance
029-Dare-Silence Of Your Head
030-Eclipse-About To Break
031-Fourever-Come With Me
032-Highland Glory-Alone
033-Kemilon-The Glow
035-Nasty Nasty-Take Me Away
036-Majestic Vanguard-The Angels Dance
037-Richard Campbell-The Veil
038-Seventh Key-What Love's Supposed to Be
041-Thy Majestie-Requiem
042-Magnus Karlsson-Stronger
043-Alien-Hello How Are You
044-Captain Jacobs-Blue Emerald
045-Devon-Innocence Degrees
046-Ensiferum-Last Breath
047-Midnight Sun-King Of Broken Hearts
048-The Arrow-Whisper Of Heatrs
049-Mastercastle-Gold Violet
051-Darkest Sins-Star
052-Dreamland-Song for You
053-Elvenking-The Time of Your Life
054-Icy Steel-Wind...
055-Wild Boyz-Forever
056-Mean Streak-Crimson Sky (Acoustic Version)
057-Roxy Blue-Nobody Knows
059-Tierramystica-Inti Sunset
062-April Wine-If You Believe In Me
063-Delany-Love tears
064-Jose Andrea-El Peso Del Alma
065-Kotipelto & Liimatainen-Speed of Light
066-Soul Doctor-Waitin'
067-Theocracy-The Gift Of Music
068-Warrion-Earth Fire Water Spirit
069-Dream Police-When The Sun Goes Down
070-Helloween-Time Goes By
071-Pyramaze-Legacy in a rhyme
072-T.Tolkkis Avalon-In the Name of the Rose
073-Neil Zaza-The Flow
074-JR Blackmore-Tears of the Dragons
077-Mago De Oz-Siempre (2011 Version)
078-AtVance-The Evil In You (Acoustic Version)
079-Twilightning-Painting the Blue Eyes
080-Winterborn-In My Dreams
081-Excalion-Delta Sunrise
082-Gotthard-Where Are You
083-Evertale-Of Dragons and Elves
084-Tuff-I Hate Kissing You Goodbye
085-Robin Beck-Underneath
086-Doro-Nothing Else Matters (Metallica Cover)
087-Knock Out Kaine-Coming Home
089-Twins Crew-Tales Of A Hero
090-Zoltar Speaks-Flesh and Blood
091-Gary Moore-Empty Rooms
093-Arida Vortex-Insomnia
094-Triumph-Just One Night
095-Soul Of Steel-Like a Memory
096-Driver-Always On My Mind
097-Black Diamonds-Hold On
098-Rydell & Quick-When Love Is Gone
099-Axxis-Another day in paradise

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