| Разная музыка и клипы | Дата: 26-янв-2014


Жанр: Ballads, Heavy, Sympho, Glam, Prog, Power Metal
Год выхода: 2014
Количество треков: 98
Формат|Качество: mp3 | 224 kbps
Время звучания: 07:20:00
Размер файла: 702,49 Мб

001-Air Raid-Reminiscence
002-Bad English-Price of Love
003-Casanova-The X-Tra Mile
004-Dark Salvation-The Path of Dark Salvation
005-Edens Curse-Children Of The Tide (Piano Mix)
006-Mago De Oz-Es Hora De Marchar
007-Gotthard-One Life One Soul (feat. Montserrat Caballe)
008-MSG-Never Ending Nightmare
010-A Perfect Day-Silent Cry
011-Bad Habbit-I Wanna Be The One
012-Charming Grace-The Answer Was You
013-Dare-Silence Of The Head
014-Elevener-For The Times We Share
016-Find Me-Your Lips (Acoustic Version)
017-Gloryful-Chased in Fate
018-Hard Riot-Nothing But You
019-JR Blackmore-Invisible Touch
020-Kerion-The Sky Is My Ocean
021-Lothloryen-To Live Forever
022-Mad Hatters Den-Journey
023-Neil Zaza-I Can See Miracles
024-Pathfinger-Yin Yang
025-Salem-This Heart Is Mine
026-Tarja-Calling Grace
027-Vega-Too Young For Wings
029-A Sound Of Thunder-This Too Shall Pass
030-Bonfire-You Make Me Feel
031-Dream Police-Surrender
032-Absolut-Posledny krat (feat. Henry Toth)
033-Danger Zone-Walk Away
034-Angra-Bleeding Heart
037-Adramelch-Wonderful Magician
039-Roxy Blue-Times Are Changin
040-Seven Kingdoms-Kardia
041-Soul Of Steel-Last Desire (Acoustic)
042-Epica-All I Got
043-Tiarra-Twilight Cruise (Kingdom Come Cover)
044-Whitecross-Simple Man
045-Alejandro Silva-Dios Eol 1-Free Fall
046-Captain Jacobs-45 Minutes Song
047-Death Angel-A Room With A View
048-Demon-Wings Of Steel
049-Elis-Show Me Heaven
050-Andre Matos-On Your Own
051-HammerFall-Send Me A Sign (Hungarian Version)
052-Infinitys Call-Lights In The Rainbow
053-Marty Fridman-Picture
054-Alex De Rosso-Chasing Illusions
055-De La Cruz-Shine
056-Vexillum-The Oak And Lady Flame
057-Robin Beck-I Swear the Nights
058-Loud N Nasty-Annie
059-Alien-Don't Turn Me Away
060-Korsika-Мой дом (Radical Face cover)
061-Michael Kiske-We Got The Right
062-Stryper-I Believe In You
063-April Wine-Can't Take Another Nite
064-Fire With Fire-Sentimental
065-Jose Andrea-Preguntale A Dios
066-Magnum-Putting Things In Place
067-Arida Vortex-Dream of Twilight Angel
068-Crystal Viper-Prophet of the End
069-Dorian Gray-Falling Star
070-Excallion-Heart & Home
072-Mago De Oz-Pensando En Ti (Dust In The Wind)
073-McQueen Street-Only The Wind
074-Rydell & Quick-Life Is Just A Dream
075-Winterstorm-In Time We Trust
077-Delany-London bridge
078-Elvenking-Poor Little Baroness
079-Gotthard-Where Is Love When It's Gone
080-MSG-Time (McAuley Schenker Group)
082-Artlantica-Ode to My Angel
083-Braveride-For the Fallen
084-Doro & Krypteria-Victoria
085-Eyes-Nobody said it was easy
086-Klaus Doldinger-Erinnerung
087-Within Temptation Feat. Chris Jones-Utopia
088-Triumph-All The King's Horses
089-At The Dawn-Disaster Recovery Plan
090-Dynazty-Back Again
091-Exlibris-The Arrival
093-Evertale-Brothers in War (Forever Damned)
094-Asylum Pyre-Fisherman's Day
096-Dark Sky-Eternity
097-Serpentine-Unbreak My Heart
098-Tragedy-Total Eclipse Of The Heart

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